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The Promise You Made... available to pre-order now!


I am delighted to announce that my fourth domestic thriller, The Promise You Made, is available for pre-order now.

If you order the book today at the special launch price of £1.99/$2.99 it will drop into your Kindle this Friday, November 19.

And you'll be one of the very first people to read it!

Here's what a couple of other early readers had to say:

  • I thought I had sussed it early on but no such luck - McDine is too clever to give it away so early and so I was taken on a twist-and-turn, down-the-rabbit-hole plot to reach an ending that I couldn’t have guessed. Page turner, yes, chapter chaser, more like!

  • An enthralling read with the right level of complexity and intrigue. The characters were real people... I could feel their fear and I literally could not stop reading until the final throes of the plot. McDine's new thriller is fresh and bold and I can’t recommend it enough.

And, to whet your appetite, here's the blurb:

Ten years ago Rose made a promise to help her goddaughter Eloise if she was ever in trouble.

A promise she may live to regret.

But she meant every word… until the night Eloise turns up on her doorstep covered in blood and asking for the unthinkable.

Rose has buried secrets before. Only this time they’re about to come back and haunt her.

Best friends. Broken promises. Buried secrets.

If tense and twisty reads are your thing, you can pre-order your copy of The Promise You Made here:

If you prefer the feeling of a 'proper' book in your hands, don't worry - the paperback is also out now!

And stay tuned for chances to win a signed copy of The Promise You Made.

That's all from me for now.

Happy reading!



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