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Life update: In which I can finally reveal my new cover!


I have such a lot of exciting news to share today, not least the BIG REVEAL for my new book.

I have been waiting so long to be able to share the title, cover and blurb for my sixth psych thriller with you, it's been almost impossible to keep it a secret.

But I'm going to keep you in suspense a little while longer, as I have some other fun stuff I wanted to tell you about.

On Friday, Adrian and I caught the train up to London for some author biz. In the morning I went to visit my editor, Billi, at Bookouture HQ on the Embankment.

It was my first visit to my publisher's fancy-pants offices and I had a great time meeting up with Billi and other Bookouture staff, enjoying a coffee in their lovely cafe and taking in the views of the Thames from the incredible roof garden.

The best bit was being able to visit at the same time as my friend and fellow thriller author, Amanda Campbell, aka AJ Campbell. We joined Bookouture at around the same time and it has been so much fun sharing my journey with her.

Here are a few pics from the morning. It really was a 'pinch-me' moment!

After that, Adrian, Amanda, her husband Andy and I headed over to Covent Garden to have lunch with some more psych thriller authors whose names you may well recognise: Miranda Rijks, Sarah A. Denzil, Carrie Magillen and Jack Stainton.

Writing is by its nature a solitary business, so it is always so nice to catch up with other authors in real life and talk books over a lovely meal and a glass or wine or two.

We had such a fun time that we're already thinking about our next get-together!

Here we all are. In case you can't put names to the faces I've included a caption.

From left to right: Andy and Amanda Campbell (aka A J Campbell), me, Carrie Magillen, Miranda Rijks, Jack Stainton, Sarah A. Denzil and Adrian (aka A J Wills).

A belated Happy Publication Day to Carrie, who's new book, You're Right Next Door, has just been released.

Having loved Carrie's first two thrillers, this is right at the top of my To Be Read pile, and I can't wait to dive in.

It follows the misfortunes of Mark and Laura, who get more than they bargained for when they move to an idyllic cottage in rural Oxfordshire.

At first, their new neighbours seem friendly enough - but appearances can be deceptive.

And when a few petty disagreements escalate into a relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation, Mark and Laura soon find themselves fighting for survival.

You can check out the book here:

A quick heads up: the audiobook of The Invite is on sale at the moment for just £2.25, instead of £7.49. That's a crazy saving of 70%!

The deal lasts until next Monday 11 March, so grab it while you can. And if you've read or listened to the book already, it would be brilliant if you could share the love and tell a thriller-mad friend.

The deal is available HERE.

And, finally, I think I've teased you enough...

I am so proud to reveal the cover of my new book... The Baby.

And here's the blurb, to whet your appetite...

The harsh light streams into the living room. On the worn rug sits an out-of-place wooden drawer and swaddled inside, with rosy cheeks and large round eyes, a baby looks up at me. A shiver runs through me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, but this baby is not mine…

Rocking the small bundle in my arms, I’m reminded of a time when I’d pictured tiny booties in every version of my future. The day I was told I’d never have a baby, the ground fell from beneath me. Could this be my one chance to become a mother?

As the sun sets, the baby begins to stir. His peaceful sleep disturbed by the sound of keys rattling against the front door. Frozen in panic, and with my heart pounding in my chest, I don’t have time to think before my husband, Miles, appears in the doorway. His face contorts in shock glimpsing the child cradled against my chest.

I hear his questions, but I can’t answer them. The truth is, I really don’t know what happened.

Did I steal the baby from a loving mother, or did I do it to protect him? And when dawn breaks, will I give him back?

The Baby is out in ebook, audiobook and paperback on Tuesday 23 April, which is St George's Day here in the UK.

I absolutely loved writing this book, and I am so excited for you all to read it! I hope you like the sound of it. And do let me know what you think about the cover. I just love that menacing handprint in the window...

Thanks for staying tuned for such a long newsletter. I hope you're having a good week wherever you are, and I'm hoping that next time I write I'll have more exciting news to share.

Happy reading,


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