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Win a signed copy of Should Have Known Better!


Lots to talk about today, including a chance to win a signed copy of Should Have Known Better, but first, a little update on Book Three.

The last time I wrote to you I had the vaguest idea for a plot. And it was very vague!


Two weeks later I have a cast of characters to play with, but still a pretty fluid idea of what happens to them. It's progress of sorts!

Having the characters is a bit like having pawns on a chess board.

I now have to work out their every single move, staying three steps ahead at all times, while hoping it doesn't end up checkmate!

Although I still have a lot of plotting to do, I have made a start on the first few scenes and have notched up just under 9,000 words.


I just have to remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon!

In other news, I have been whipping through The Catch, the latest thriller by T M Logan.

Protagonist Ed is wary when he meets his daughter Abbie’s new beau for the first time.

On the surface, Ryan is the perfect catch: a decorated former soldier who not only volunteers for the police and at the local hospice, but dotes on Abbie.

Ed is convinced Ryan is not all he seems. But he’s the only one. So when, to his horror, Abbie and Ryan announce they’re getting married, Ed sets out to prove his hunch is right.

Cue a search for the truth that borders on obsessional and has even Ed questioning his own sanity.

Set against a ticking clock – Ed knows he must uncover Ryan’s secrets before the wedding – this compelling thriller deftly twists and weaves between lies and the truth with the assurance and poise of master storytelling.

Ed has a point to prove. But is he right? I was undecided up until the moment the answer was revealed.

I can’t say more without giving away spoilers. But suffice to say, this was a cracking read and I thoroughly recommend it.

It was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me!

And finally, how would you like to win a signed paperback copy of my second thriller, Should Have Known Better?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to head over to my Facebook page, like the page and comment on and share the competition post, which will be pinned to the top of the page.

LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. That's it!

I'll pick a winner at random next month. So good luck!

And don't forget - you've got to be in it to win it!

That's all from me for now. 

Happy reading,


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