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Life update: In which I sign a two-book deal!


I have some super exciting news I wanted to share with you today. It’s something I’ve been having to keep secret for the last couple of weeks, which has been killing me!

But I can now let the proverbial cat out of the bag and announce with a fanfare [cue loud trumpets] that I have just signed a two-book deal with digital publishers Bookouture.

I’ll be joining the ranks of some amazing authors, including Shalini Boland, S E Lynes, Sue Watson, Samantha Hayes, Rona Halsall, K L Slater and Nicole Trope.

Not to mention the incredible Freida McFadden, Angela Marsons and Rachel Abbott.

To be honest, I’m still pinching myself!

I’ve been an indie author for over a decade now and have loved every minute of it, but self-publishing can be an all-consuming business. Essentially, I am author, editor, proofreader, blurb-writer, formatter, marketeer, sales director, finance gal, chief executive and flippin’ chairman of the board.

When you put it like that it’s a miracle I ever had the chance to write a single word!

I have long admired Bookouture for its dynamic approach to publishing and its passion for connecting readers with stories they love, so when the company approached me a while back, I was all ears.

And when the team offered me a two-book deal, I knew it was an opportunity I’d be mad to turn down.

They will publish my first book next April, and the second next May. I know it’s ages away, but I promise they’ll be worth the wait!

Here’s the official announcement:

Pretty flipping amazing, isn't it?! One thing's for sure, it's the highlight of my author career.

Last month I asked you all how often you’d like to hear from me. The vast majority (54%) said once a month. A total of 21% said you’d like to hear from me when I have a new release. 17% said once a fortnight and 8% of you would like to hear from me every week.

So I’ll go with the majority and keep my missives to once a month, although I might check in between emails if I have any especially exciting news to share.

Thanks to everyone who took part in my little survey!

In other news, nearly 31,000 people downloaded Should Have Known Better when it was free a couple of weeks ago.

I still can’t believe the numbers, if I’m honest. They’re insane!

I’m absolutely thrilled (and a little bit choked) that the book is now in the hands of thousands of new readers.

A big hello and a huge thank you if you were one of them. I hope you enjoyed Kate and Chloe’s story, and if you did and would like to check out some more of my books, I have a couple of deals you might be interested in:

  • No One I Knew, which has been chosen by Amazon to be featured in a Kindle Monthly Deal in the UK. The book will be 99p for the whole of June. Click here for details.

  • No One I Knew has also been selected for Amazon's Prime Reading programme in the US so is FREE to read if you are a Prime customer. Check it out here.

  • The Invite is in Prime Reading in the UK and Australia. Again, FREE to read if you're a Prime customer. Click here for the UK and here for Australia.

This week, Adrian and I have been part of the crew for the Self Publishing Show’s 2023 conference for indie authors at the Southbank Centre in London. I’ll have more news on that in my next newsletter, because I have some packing to do...

That’s because on Friday we’re jetting off to Madeira for the week. This subtropical Portuguese island in the North Atlantic Ocean is a new destination for us and we’re looking forward to an action-packed week of whale-watching, walking, sightseeing, and – of course – eating and drinking. I can’t wait!

Happy holidays, whether you’re staying at home or venturing further afield.

All the best,


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