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A progress report and new audiobook news


Last time I wrote I was suffering from the dreaded Writers' Block, and Book Four was well and truly stuck at 32k words.

Thanks for all the words of support, especially from Kyle C, who reminded me of a pertinent quote by author CJ Cherryh:

'It is perfectly okay to write garbage - as long as you edit it brilliantly.'

Never a truer word was said. And so I put my head down and worked through it and am now at 42k words and finally over halfway through the first draft.

Publication won't be until the autumn, so if you're looking for a terrific read in the meantime, why not check out Leave Well Alone, the debut thriller by my author mate (and sharer of initials!) AJ Campbell?

This absorbing psychological suspense family drama centres around protagonist Eva, who suffered a traumatic childhood in foster care with her brother Ben after their mother abandoned them.

When Ben announces he's found their mother, Eva is determined to have nothing to do with her. She's happy now, in a loving relationship with rich and dependable Jim, and she is pregnant.

But when her baby is born with a serious hereditary illness, Eva is forced to confront both her mother and her past.

And as old secrets and layers of deceit emerge, she makes a shocking discovery, leaving her fearing not just for her own life, but that of her husband and baby, too.

Leave Well Alone is enrolled in Prime Reading throughout July and August and it's also in Kindle Unlimited.

You can check it out here.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of excitement last week when the audiobook of No One I Knew was released.

Narrated by the super-talented voiceover artist, narrator and actress Fiona Mitchell, the book has been produced by WF Howes Ltd, the UK's leading audiobook publisher.

It's such a thrill hearing someone bring your characters to life and Fiona has done an amazing job.

The audiobook is available through all the usual outlets, including libraries. Head over to Amazon to listen to the sample.

That's all from me for now.

Happy reading!


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